Where to have a wedding abroad? Think Magic, Think Marrakech

Written By Maria Balkanlieva
Published 4 May 2017

    At Party Maroc, we totally understand the appeal of having a wedding abroad. It gives everyone the perfect excuse to take a break for a few days while enjoying a great moment in their life with close relatives or friends.

    Often the big question is where to have a wedding abroad?

    Wedding Abroad in Marrakech

    Marrakech provides the perfect setting for a magic ceremony. As the red walls light up to the sunset colours, against the backdrop of palm trees and the Atlas Mountains, there is a true breath taking moment.

    You’ll be happy to know we are the best wedding planner in Marrakech, offering a truly unique bespoke service. In fact, with our deep local knowledge of over 40 years of combined experience and a truly exclusive contact list, we can make your dream wedding happen right here in the red city.

    Planned to Perfection

    Our services are designed, so that while you still make all the decisions, you get to relax and enjoy the party rather than obsessing over the details. Lights, DJ’s, flower arrangements? Whatever you desire, you shall have. That’s our business and mission.

    Whenever you need an update or want to discuss anything, call your assigned chief events manager in charge of your wedding. This person will be your only point of contact whose job is not only to make sure everything runs smooth on the big day but also to put your mind at ease and let you enjoy your own party.

    Whatever your wildest dreams are, they can become reality with us. Where to have a wedding abroad? In Marrakech with the dedicated, creative team of professionals of Party Maroc. To know more about how we can make this happen, contact us today using the online form or call us directly at +212 651297145. Cheers to your happiness!

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