Wedding Planning in Marrakech

Written By Maria Balkanlieva
Published 16 March 2016

    Need your wedding planning in Marrakech? Don’t know where to look first? Want to avoid a scenario like this?

    Franck Eggelhoffer, the incomprehensible wedding planner from the 90s film, Father of the Bride, is an inspiration to all of us at - as how NOT to be when organising the most special day of your life.

    Franck’s over-budget party suggestions, excluding vital bridal party members and diva-like behaviour is a lesson to anyone who is put in charge of making sure a wedding goes to plan.

    Luckily, we have had SO much experience creating exquisitely beautiful weddings, made personal by the characters of the bride and groom. While we make sure the two most important people of the day get everything they desire - we take on the responsibility of making sure everything runs to plan.

    We are accountable for flowers turning up on time, the right type of wine glasses being available, the best bands being available to play and the best venues opening their doors. With this amount of responsibility on our shoulders - we HAVE to be 100% confident in our abilities to pull off the party to end all parties.

    Our knowledge of the movers and shakers in Marrakech means that we have ways of getting anything your heart desires - ring carrying doves, vintage wheels, rare caviar, handmade Moroccan favours, the finest Champagne - our role is to make the impossible possible.

    We know how planning a wedding can be on the biggest, most stressful projects in anyone’s life. Particularly if you’re planning it all from another country. We make sure all those frustrations, uncertainties and worries are ironed out with our know-how, expertise and confidence that your big day will be unforgettable… for all the right reasons.

    And we do all this in a very straight forward, personable way - unlike Franck!


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