Wedding Planner Marrakech

Written By Maria Balkanlieva
Published 18 February 2016
Party Maroc has over 40 years experience planning your wedding in Marrakech. We grew from an amalgamation of three different talents. Between us we are event producers and coordinators, designers, hotel owners and property market specialists with our past clients including heads of banks.


Party Maroc has well over 40 years combined experience in real local knowledge.


We live and breath Marrakech.


Planning your wedding in Marrakech takes more than just impeccable taste, attention to detail and a deep understanding of your requirements, it also requires real local knowledge.


To benefit from our British and French team’s 40+ years experience of living and working in Marrakech as well as our incredible attention to detail - you just need to contact us.


There is nothing more we love than throwing not just good parties; but truly great parties, not only that, but we are all deeply in love with Marrakech and everything Morocco has to offer.


We know all the best venues, restaurants, chauffeur car owners, waiters, musicians, photographers – whatever you need, we can handle everything so that your wedding is as relaxing and stress-free as possible.


You’ve got a huge choice of Palaces, Riads, Kasbahs and Private houses here in Marrakech, and we’ll do everything possible to help you choose the perfect one for you.


If you entrust us to help you have not just a wedding in Marrakech, but a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience which you and your guests will treasure as a memory for as long as you’re on this mortal coil, please just fill out the form on our website of call us directly on +212 651297145 and we’ll be delighted to speak with you.


When we started PartyMaroc, we had the aim of being the best wedding planner in Marrakech, and we think we’ve achieved it. Just contact us for more details of the weddings we have already pulled off in incredible style.


If we could sum up Marrakech, it would be an energetic city with high orange old medina walls and purple jacaranda trees, lush palm trees dominate the scattered green parks and chic cafes bustle with intense jalabered men sipping tiny nus nus coffees. On the horizon snow capped mountains touch and tickle white clouds whilst shadows dance escaping the brilliant sun.


Elegant horse drawn carriages known as Cuchi’s mix juxtaposing with donkey pulled carts. Cars both luxurious and others not quite so, fight for the number one spot at the traffic lights. Suited and booted chauffeurs glide effortlessly through the wide Gueliz boulevards delivering stiletto clad ladies who lunch.


The call to prayer on a Friday demands long robed men with rolled prayer carpets to the mosque while their other halves in jet black burqas hurry back home to finish the lunch time cous cous.


The stamp of the custom police at the newly renovated airport allows the next batch of excited and curious tourists through to test their five senses of the sensuous souk. If only the walls have eyes, they would tell a thousand tales!


When the souk has finished exhausting the tourist, the peace of the hotel calls seductively with promises of mint tea and a clear blue fresh swimming pool like the sirens to Ulysses.


Tall walls show small insignificant doors which open into large riad havens. Tall palms and banana trees swish and a trickle of carefree falling water falls into a mosaic tiled fountain.


Marrakech has been rated over again over several years as a top tourist destination. Still there are many unexplored corners. Good transport operators can still find an “off the beaten track” untouched area to excite and intrigue. Couples find Marrakech to be a perfect place close to Europe, yet so different, it seems but a dream. Memories are made here - to propose, to marry, to honeymoon and to celebrate.

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