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Insider tips on Marrakech destination wedding venues

By Maria Balkanlieva on 24 November 2020
Jnane Tamsna (Jnane is a reference to Paradise in Arabic) and it is indeed the garden of Eden for many of the guests and the owners Meryanne Loum-Martin (interior designer and master of creating unforgetable events) and Gary Martin (ethnobotanist). The Jnane Tamsna experience is blending radiant energy, beautiful colours and a warmth of a […]

A Regal Wedding in Morocco

By Maria Balkanlieva on 24 July 2019
Wedding featured in Green Wedding Shoes (Credits: Photo and Article courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes.) Crowns, camels, color, and one creative couple—just a few of the ingredients that made for this exotic Moroccan wedding in the desert. Liz + Nate are a Stateside couple who can’t seem to ever truly satisfy their travel bug—a destination wedding […]

Best Wedding Planner Marrakech? Not our words....

By Maria Balkanlieva on 24 July 2019
Best wedding planner Marrakech? Not our words... The beautiful wedding of Neha and Qasim was a three day wedding bash in Marrakech. It was such a great experience creating the sequence of wedding events for the families of the bride and the groom.  No details of the events organised by the bride could be of […]

Wedding In Marrakech By Party Maroc

By Maria Balkanlieva on 25 June 2018
As a professional wedding planner in Marrakech, we started the event with the Moroccan tradition of welcoming the guests by serving them dates and almond milk flavoured with orange water. The beautiful couple exchanged there vows in front of the alter in the courtyard with the pool accompanied with andalous-arabic trio music. After the ceremony all […]

Find Magical Marrakech Wedding Venues with Party Maroc

By Maria Balkanlieva on 31 May 2018
Are you planning to have a Marrakech wedding? Congratulations, you have chosen one of the most magical locations in Morocco! And we are here to help you make the most out of it with all of our Marrakech wedding venues - we are wedding planners based here, with over four decades’ worth of collective industry […]

Who are the Best Wedding Planners in Marrakech? We Know We Are

By Maria Balkanlieva on 25 May 2017
We know me may sound like a bunch of stuck-ups, but, please, read us out and find out why our answer to who are the best wedding planners in Marrakech is us. At Party Maroc, we are proud of offering a unique bespoke service for all sorts of events, parties and, of course, weddings. Marrakech, […]

Getting Married In Marrakech? Let PartyMaroc Plan It!

By Maria Balkanlieva on 15 July 2016
We absolutely love planning weddings in the Red City! There is so much inspiration in this wonderful city to create the most incredible wedding events. From Yves Saint Laurent's Marjorelle blue to the rusty, warm red that cover most of the old Medina's buildings to the bright purple, pink and orange colours of the bougainvillea […]

We Can Be Your Perfect Wedding Organizer Marrakech

By Maria Balkanlieva on 9 July 2016
Its finally happened... After dreaming about the most important day of your life since you were a little girl, he has finally proposed. "You're getting married! I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to for the day? Wait have you picked a date? Have you started planning? Where is going to be? What is […]

The True Story Of Wedding Planning in Marrakech - In 24 Hours!

By Maria Balkanlieva on 25 March 2016
When it comes to wedding planning in Marrakech, it's all about being organised and making sure you have a decent amount of time to get things done. However, we are also on hand in case of any last minute rescues. A bride-to-be had trusted her father (who was coming to Marrakech for business) to choose […]

Getting Married in Marrakech

By Maria Balkanlieva on 18 March 2016
We have loads of clients who love getting married in Marrakech. This weekend, Party Maroc organised two weddings and one 25th wedding anniversary! Specifically focusing on the first wedding; it was extremely cosmopolitan. The bride was Italian and the groom was Indian. They both met and live in London. Our brief was to create a […]