Luxury Hen Party Abroad: Say Goodbye in Style

Written By Maria Balkanlieva
Published 18 May 2017

    Parties and luxury are the backbone of our business and we have proved countless times to truly excel at both. If you’re thinking to have a luxury hen party abroad, you should definitely consider our party planning services and Marrakech as the perfect destination.

    Luxury and Marrakech Are Intertwined

    In Marrakech, the atmosphere is as lively as it is relaxed. You can either haggle your way through the maze of the souks or enjoy the sun, relaxing on the pool side. A great way to spend your last days as a single lady in the company of your friends.

    Home to sumptuous properties, sometimes hidden behind the simplest walls, Marrakech does luxury like few other places. The range of venue and location choices is incredible from riad and kasbahs to palaces and fabulous hotels. All with the back drop of the Atlas Mountains. If there ever was a party capital, then Marrakech is it.

    Your Party Organised as a Great Symphony

    All the choices are yours, including how involved you are in the arrangements and organisation running up to the event. We can take care of all the details of party planning such as guests and the RSVPs, venue, food and drink, theme and décor, music and entertainment and the clean up afterwards.

    However, we know that a stunning venue by itself does guarantee the success of a party nor is it the one thing that sets us apart. What makes our services truly unique is our keen attention to detail and the way we ensure our expertise shines through every aspect!

    To have a true luxury hen party abroad and benefit from over forty years of combined experience and local knowledge, just fill out the online form. We’ll be happy to contact you as soon as possible. You can also give us a call at +212 6 51 29 71 45. Say goodbye to your single life in style!

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