Let's Party Plan Marrakech!

Written By Maria Balkanlieva
Published 5 May 2016


    7 Tips For Organising A Great Birthday Party

    As a full service event management company in Marrakech with over 40 years of experience, PartyMaroc knows a thing or two about party planning. If you are celebrating a milestone party like a bar mitzvah/bat mitzvah, quinceañera, a Sweet 16, an eighteenth (if you're from Europe) or a 21st birthday (if you're from the U.S.), you know you have to do it up big! So what other way could there be then celebrating your or a loved ones' birthday in the Red City, here are some tips so you can party plan marrakech!

    1.) Decide On Your Budget

    Whether you're planning your own party or having someone else do it for you setting a budget is incredibly important. Then you can track your spending so you know where your money is going and can allocate funds accordingly to the different areas of spending for the party.

    2.) Choose Your Theme

    Children and adult parties are more fun when there's a theme. Children get extremely excited seeing all the different aspects of a theme coming together in a party. As for adults, decade themes work really well such as the 1950's classic pin up style or the 80's Dance-pop. You can also do comic book dress up theme such as the Avengers or a book theme such as the flapper style from The Great Gatsby.

    3.) Select The Date, Location, & Time

    While it seems obvious to consider these factors, there's actually a little more too it. If you're organising your birthday bash in the summer months (which in Marrakech sometimes feels like it starts in April), we definitely recommend keeping in mind the hottest part of the day is between 12pm-5pm. So if you intend on having your party at that time of the day in an open air location, you should definitely consider a pool party theme. That way you and your guests will be able to cool down during that time of day,

    4.) Food And Drink 

    First things first, decide where you want to provide finger food or a full meal. Preparing food in advance will let you mingle with your guests instead of running back and forth between the kitchen and the main event room. If you're having a Alice in Wonderland theme birthday party, then you can stick to small sandwiches, teas, and scones. If you're having a banquet style party, then go to town with a full course meal.

    5.) Music 

    The playlist or musical performance at your birthday party can make or break your guests experience. Make sure you review your guest list so that the music you choose suits the age of  your guests.

    6.) Activities 

    Children's birthday parties absolutely need games or activities. You can have facepainting or a ballon castle or bring entertainers like clowns or circus performers entertain the kids.

    7.) Invitations And Decorations 

    Details, details, details...Choosing the appropriate invitations and decorations are important to getting the buzz for your event! Invitations give your guests a sneak peak into what to expect at your party while decorations are what will bring your theme to life! When choosing a theme, make a list of  decor elements that can be associated with your theme.

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