Getting Married in Marrakech

Written By Maria Balkanlieva
Published 18 March 2016

    We have loads of clients who love getting married in Marrakech. This weekend, Party Maroc organised two weddings and one 25th wedding anniversary!

    Specifically focusing on the first wedding; it was extremely cosmopolitan. The bride was Italian and the groom was Indian. They both met and live in London.

    Our brief was to create a magical weekend with an Italian lunch, an Indian dinner and a “Marrakchi” style bash for the grand finale. The bride and groom chose Marrakech as their wedding destination as it was the best place for their guests to travel to from all over the world.

    Getting married in Marrakech is ideal because it offers such diversity when it comes to wedding venues, not to mention professional wedding planners. An example of the latter is when we added an extra special touch to the necessary guest transfers from place to place. The sound team of our wedding planning agency (weddings being one of the many things we do), organised fabulous music to be put in all of the minivans. Needless to say, the way to the Italian lunch was rocking!

    Guests arrived in a rustic olive grove. The first area was set with rugs, pillows and took on the theme of countryside-chic with exquisite natural décor and flowers. As the refreshing rosé started flowing, Moroccan-spiced bruschettas were served. The musicians then led the guests through the olive grove chanting and clapping. Behind an old farm they discovered a long narrow table winding through an orchard. This event was surely to become the perfect wedding.

    Our Italian caterer had organized a fabulous display of Italian appetizers, while the pasta was cooking, ready to be served al dente. The setting was so romantic that it looked like it was straight out of a movie scene. Further between old fruit trees, we had organized a professional photo shoot with old countryside props and a donkey cart.

    After the delicious Italian lunch in the shady orchard, Limoncello was served. While the children were entertained, guests enjoyed the comfortable rugs and pillows for a mini siesta as their evening was sure to require all of their energy.

    The vans arrived to bring the guests back to their hotels. Our wedding planners had decided to use the music as a teaser in the build up to this multi-cultural wedding. For half of the drive, the minibuses played sultry Italian music that later morphed into Bollywood beats - giving a hint of what was to come later.

    Guests were informed of the dress code: “colors and gold in Oriental splendor.”

    At 8pm sharp, the vans began filling with excited guests dressed in the most exotic and elegant attires. They continued their journey to discover the private old Moroccan palace that our wedding coordinator had turned into a small Rajastani palace. The soundscape was exquisitely Indian. Our Nepalese-Indian food caterer had prepared delicious appetizers, followed by the most incredible Indian food display.

    A wedding ceremony in Morocco, and especially Marrakech weddings, always contain many cultural inspirations in the most genuine way, without ever feeling fake or artificial. Marrakech is a crossroad of so many influences; with its Moorish roots having historically reached Northern India.

    The party went on quite late that night, as the next day was to be one of relaxation prior to the big Moroccan wedding ceremony in the evening

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