Event Management in Marrakech

Written By Maria Balkanlieva
Published 10 March 2016

    Why would you need event management in Marrakech? Anyone who asks this has obviously never organised a social corporate gathering before. Think you can do it by yourself? You might be able to, but it will cause endless headaches, endless working hours and endless paperwork. Most business people would prefer to handover the work to us, while they get on with the not-so-small matter of running their company.

    Not convinced? These are just SOME of the things we arrange when we’re asked to organise event management in Marrakech.


    Contracts with the client. Contracts with the supplier. Contracts with advertisers, sponsors, hosts - and whoever else is involved. Paperwork takes up a lot of time. Not only in issuing it, sending it off and checking the other party’s received it - but if you’re waiting on information back, and a signature - from just a handful of companies - the wait, and chasing up, can feel interminable.


    Another thing that eats up time is queries. If you’re hosting dinner, you’ll have a tonne of dietary requirements. If you’re holding an exhibition, you’ll have a million risk assessments and questions regarding power supplies to wade through.


    Making sure things run on time throughout the day of your event can be stressful, nerve-wracking and time-consuming. You can literally spend all day running around the venue with a walkie talkie. If you’re a business owner, or a key figure within the organisation, then this type of burden on the day of the event might not be possible.

    Post-event admin

    Invoices, customer feedback, post-event discussions with the venue - the work doesn’t end after the evening of your event. When you’re basking in the aftermath of a successful event, it might not be conducive to knuckle down to admin when you should be showing the board the fruits of your labours.

    Luckily, our event management in Marrakech have been through these scenarios many times. We take away all the trouble that organising an event can bring. Once you move the responsibility over to us, you can get on with making the most of your time in the spotlight, meeting new and old clients, making sure your guests are happy and fulfilling the objectives of your gathering.

    We have 40-plus years doing this kind of thing, so leaving it to us is the best business decision you can make.

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