Corporate Event Planning in Marrakech

Written By Maria Balkanlieva
Published 9 March 2016

    We’re seeing an increasing need for corporate event planning in Marrakech. So many of our clients are hosting more and more openings, galas, charity dinners, launches and award ceremonies here in the Red City.

    The explosion of business and enterprise in Marrakech has been amazing to witness over the past few years. There has been a huge growth in Morocco from overseas business who have earmarked the country as the one to watch over the next decade.

    And we’re only too happy to help these businesses develop their north African markets with our knowledge of corporate event planning in Marrakech.

    Whether it’s introducing a new product to your audience, hosting an exhibition, holding a conference or celebrating a milestone in your business development - our team is on hand to hold everything together.

    We will help you decide on the best location, recommend the best caterers and bar and waiting staff and help with budgets. We can deal with all the guest queries and RSVPs, handle all contracts with suppliers and make sure all to do lists are drawn up and completed.

    This allows you as a business to concentrate on the actual purpose of the event. The right type of corporate event planning is really important for a business to successfully market itself. Organising a large scale event - if you’ve not had much experience before - can be hugely demanding. It can take away a lot of staff hours in the planning and executing, which can seriously effect budgets, productivity and focus.

    This is why our corporate event planning in Marrakech is SO in demand. Organising parties, dealing with guests, suppliers, clients and the tiniest of details - this is our speciality. And it is a full time job in order to get it right.

    This is why you need to leave the graft to us, while you get on with making your business even bigger and better than it already is.


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