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Intimate Destination Wedding

By Maria Balkanlieva on 29 August 2020
Intimate wedding in vogue In these strange times, we reinvent the destination intimate wedding celebration of love. We brushed the dust off it and put it back on the shelf for 2021 and on we sincerely hope. You probably are wondering should you go for an intimate wedding or wait a bit more for the […]

Wedding in Marrakech - Alchemy of Marrakech

By Maria Balkanlieva on 27 August 2020
Why to do my weeding in Marrakech? How about doing your wedding in an exotic and adventurous place you will remember forever like Marrakech! Marrakech is the magical place to book your destination wedding. It combines in an unforgettable way the five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Through this, you will vividly remember […]

How to Book Your Wedding Abroad? Simple and Smooth with Party Maroc

By Maria Balkanlieva on 11 May 2017
If you are considering to have a wedding abroad, you may be wondering about how to deal with the logistics of organising the ceremony and party while not on site. How to Book Your Wedding Abroad? We have a simple answer: with us, Party Maroc, the best wedding planners in Marrakech. Easy Planning of Your […]

Where to have a wedding abroad? Think Magic, Think Marrakech

By Maria Balkanlieva on 4 May 2017
At Party Maroc, we totally understand the appeal of having a wedding abroad. It gives everyone the perfect excuse to take a break for a few days while enjoying a great moment in their life with close relatives or friends. Often the big question is where to have a wedding abroad? Wedding Abroad in Marrakech […]

Destination Wedding in Marrakech: A Special Place for a Life Event

By Maria Balkanlieva on 21 March 2017
It is your special day and you want to be special for everyone who will attend. Combining your celebration with a short holiday for your guests can be just the solution when considering a destination wedding in Marrakech. The setting will definitely do its magic. With stunning sunsets, exquisite décor and refined cuisine, Marrakech will […]

Wedding Ceremony in Marrakech: Celebrate in a Lush Setting

By Maria Balkanlieva on 7 March 2017
Loving and living is easy in Marrakech. Boasting a wide array of uniquely stunning properties with lush gardens, feeling inspired and connected to your better half comes as naturally as breathing. Enjoy the feeling and leave the planning of your wedding ceremony in Marrakech to us. Why choose Party Maroc? Whether you are wanting a […]

Great Plans to Celebrate a Wedding Party in Marrakech

By Maria Balkanlieva on 3 February 2017
Lucky for you, you have just landed on the right page. We know how a wedding party in Marrakech can be so vibrant and full of spirit, which makes them amazing to be part of. The beauty and spirituality of the Red City is the perfect backdrop for the start of your marriage. However, in […]

Stunning Marrakech Weddings: Exotic Charm

By Maria Balkanlieva on 6 September 2016
Explore your visions of Marrakech Weddings and have a memorable milestone guaranteed to exude exotic charm. The Red City radiates a romantic magic, providing a euphoric backdrop for exchanging vows with the love of your life. We are at you service to secure the ideal venue, world-class catering, exceptional staff and engaging entertainment for your […]

Moroccan Wedding Planner: Magic for Your Special Day!

By Maria Balkanlieva on 1 July 2016
Thinking about hiring a Moroccan wedding planner to transform your vision and taste into a perfect reality? At Party Maroc, we have the experience and touch to facilitate an event for your grand day that bride, groom and their special guests will never forget. The Red City radiates a romantic magic that serves as an euphoric setting […]