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Find Magical Marrakech Wedding Venues with Party Maroc

By Maria Balkanlieva on 31 May 2018
Are you planning to have a Marrakech wedding? Congratulations, you have chosen one of the most magical locations in Morocco! And we are here to help you make the most out of it with all of our Marrakech wedding venues - we are wedding planners based here, with over four decades’ worth of collective industry […]

Corporate Party organised by Party Maroc in Marrakech

By Maria Balkanlieva on 10 January 2018
One of the best ways to make a name in the event planning industry is to offer trendy options before your clients have even heard of them. Offering the hottest trends sets us apart from other event planners and keeps us at the top of event planner list in Morocco. The success is driven by […]

Who are the Best Wedding Planners in Marrakech? We Know We Are

By Maria Balkanlieva on 25 May 2017
We know me may sound like a bunch of stuck-ups, but, please, read us out and find out why our answer to who are the best wedding planners in Marrakech is us. At Party Maroc, we are proud of offering a unique bespoke service for all sorts of events, parties and, of course, weddings. Marrakech, […]

Luxury Hen Party Abroad: Say Goodbye in Style

By Maria Balkanlieva on 18 May 2017
Parties and luxury are the backbone of our business and we have proved countless times to truly excel at both. If you’re thinking to have a luxury hen party abroad, you should definitely consider our party planning services and Marrakech as the perfect destination. Luxury and Marrakech Are Intertwined In Marrakech, the atmosphere is as […]

How to Book Your Wedding Abroad? Simple and Smooth with Party Maroc

By Maria Balkanlieva on 11 May 2017
If you are considering to have a wedding abroad, you may be wondering about how to deal with the logistics of organising the ceremony and party while not on site. How to Book Your Wedding Abroad? We have a simple answer: with us, Party Maroc, the best wedding planners in Marrakech. Easy Planning of Your […]

Where to have a wedding abroad? Think Magic, Think Marrakech

By Maria Balkanlieva on 4 May 2017
At Party Maroc, we totally understand the appeal of having a wedding abroad. It gives everyone the perfect excuse to take a break for a few days while enjoying a great moment in their life with close relatives or friends. Often the big question is where to have a wedding abroad? Wedding Abroad in Marrakech […]

Event Management Company in Marrakech: Awesomeness Guaranteed

By Maria Balkanlieva on 28 March 2017
At Party Maroc, we are proud of organising high quality, flawless events. So, when looking for an event management company in Marrakech, look no further. As an events company, we make it our personal responsibility to provide only the best, most unique events you could ever attend in this red, vibrant city full of energy […]

Destination Wedding in Marrakech: A Special Place for a Life Event

By Maria Balkanlieva on 21 March 2017
It is your special day and you want to be special for everyone who will attend. Combining your celebration with a short holiday for your guests can be just the solution when considering a destination wedding in Marrakech. The setting will definitely do its magic. With stunning sunsets, exquisite décor and refined cuisine, Marrakech will […]