Month: August 2020

Intimate Destination Wedding

By Maria Balkanlieva on 29 August 2020
Intimate wedding in vogue In these strange times, we reinvent the destination intimate wedding celebration of love. We brushed the dust off it and put it back on the shelf for 2021 and on we sincerely hope. You probably are wondering should you go for an intimate wedding or wait a bit more for the […]

Wedding in Marrakech - Alchemy of Marrakech

By Maria Balkanlieva on 27 August 2020
Why to do my weeding in Marrakech? How about doing your wedding in an exotic and adventurous place you will remember forever like Marrakech! Marrakech is the magical place to book your destination wedding. It combines in an unforgettable way the five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Through this, you will vividly remember […]