Month: March 2016

The True Story Of Wedding Planning in Marrakech - In 24 Hours!

By Maria Balkanlieva on 25 March 2016
When it comes to wedding planning in Marrakech, it's all about being organised and making sure you have a decent amount of time to get things done. However, we are also on hand in case of any last minute rescues. A bride-to-be had trusted her father (who was coming to Marrakech for business) to choose […]

Getting Married in Marrakech

By Maria Balkanlieva on 18 March 2016
We have loads of clients who love getting married in Marrakech. This weekend, Party Maroc organised two weddings and one 25th wedding anniversary! Specifically focusing on the first wedding; it was extremely cosmopolitan. The bride was Italian and the groom was Indian. They both met and live in London. Our brief was to create a […]

Weddings in Marrakech

By Maria Balkanlieva on 17 March 2016
Weddings in Marrakech normally stand for a particular style - bohemian and/or sumptuous. We look at some classic weddings in Marrakech that have taken place recently, and see how each party managed to achieve its theme with the help of the beauty, sunshine and serenity of Marrakech. “The Bohemian” Poppy Delevigne and James Cook When […]

Wedding Planning in Marrakech

By Maria Balkanlieva on 16 March 2016
Need your wedding planning in Marrakech? Don’t know where to look first? Want to avoid a scenario like this? Franck Eggelhoffer, the incomprehensible wedding planner from the 90s film, Father of the Bride, is an inspiration to all of us at - as how NOT to be when organising the most special day of […]

Photoshoot in Marrakech

By Maria Balkanlieva on 15 March 2016
In our humble opinion, the Red City is the perfect place to see and be seen. We can organise a photoshoot in Marrakech to your specification - indoors or outdoors, intimate, reportage, black and white - our team of stylists, photographers and production assistants are all eager to help achieve the look and feel that […]

Party Planner in Marrakech

By Maria Balkanlieva on 14 March 2016 is one of the best party planners in Marrakech. Our team have organised many unforgettable events that if you need a party to end all parties - we should be your first choice. A party is your chance to shine. You call the shots - we follow your orders. It’s one of the best […]

Parties in Marrakech

By Maria Balkanlieva on 13 March 2016
The young, rich and famous are all after the next place to be seen - and these faces are looking towards Africa. Ibiza, Dubai and Monaco are all done - everyone now parties in Marrakech. With the bohemian atmosphere, all-year sunshine and beautiful buildings, Marrakech continues to wow, stun and seduce every visitor who steps […]

Events in Marrakech

By Maria Balkanlieva on 12 March 2016
When events in Marrakech are staged, they are normally on the high-end of the scale - with the combination of arabic culture, French colonialism and African influences, the Red City is the perfect location for any type of event. Marrakech is the perfect place to stage a party, simply because of the amazing array of […]

Event Planner in Marrakech

By Maria Balkanlieva on 11 March 2016
Being an event planner in Marrakech is one of the most fun jobs ever. Not only do we get to live in one of the most beautiful, crazy and spiritual places on earth, but we also get to organise some of the wildest parties in it. Being an event planner involves a few skills, which […]

Event Management in Marrakech

By Maria Balkanlieva on 10 March 2016
Why would you need event management in Marrakech? Anyone who asks this has obviously never organised a social corporate gathering before. Think you can do it by yourself? You might be able to, but it will cause endless headaches, endless working hours and endless paperwork. Most business people would prefer to handover the work to […]